Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Several surprising incidents occur in day-to-day life that leave everyone stunned. But, have you ever heard of a thief turning into a superhero and saving someone’s life?

Yes, though hard to believe, it is true. 

Here we bring the video that shows two thieves turning superheroes. 

As seen in the CCTV footage of a supermarket, a person is standing near the counter and interacting with the store manager. Meanwhile, another person seems to be checking the products on the shelf. 

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The person standing near the counter points towards some other products kept a bit far away from the counter. As soon as the store manager moves to fetch the product, the person standing behind immediately jumps into action and starts picking up the products kept on the shelf. While he continues to fill his bag with the products, the person standing near the counter rushes near his friend and also starts filling his bag. 

However, while the store manager is busy fetching the item, a masked man enters the store with a gun in his hands. He points the gun towards the store manager and threatens him to give all the cash, as it seems. 

The thieves who were busy stealing the products seemed to be a bit shocked. They could have remained silent and let the masked man rob the store manager. However, they had some different plans. One of the thieves moves to the other side without coming to the notice of the masked man. The second one pushes his skating board to distract the gunman. 

As soon as the gunman gets distracted, one of the thieves who went to the other side, jumps towards the robber forcing him to fall to the ground. The other thief rushes to pick up the gun and jumps over him to run away. Though the thieves ran away from the store, they frightened the gunman and handed over the gun to the store manager.

Without robbing the store manager, he fled from the store leaving behind his gun.

Well, the thieves may have taken the decision to fight back the gunman to save themselves from the attack, but, ultimately they also saved the store manager from getting robbed and even his life.

The video shared on Twitter by The Figen has been viewed over 77.6k times and has triggered hilarious comments from netizens.