Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Theft in public transport is quite common these days. Be it auto rickshaw, cab, bus, or train, unscrupulous persons have been causing fear among the passengers who are dependent on these public transport means. Remaining alert all the time to prevent any wayward scenario has become essential.

While habitual offenders don’t try to get rid of their misdeeds, when caught by the public, they instantly pay off for their sins by getting a good thrashing.

Here we bring a video that shows a thief instantly getting paid for his karma while he was trying to flee after snatching a purse in a bus. The entire scenario was captured on the CCTV installed on the bus.

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As seen in the video, some passengers are standing in a queue to board the bus. After one person pays the ticket price and moves on to grab his seat, the second person climbs up the stairs of the bus while the third person waits near the door. 

Suddenly, the second person moves ahead to the passenger sitting in the first row and tries to grab the passenger’s purse. Failing in his first attempt he pretends like he was trying to scare the passenger. While laughing, he again tries to snatch the purse and turns towards the door of the bus. However, the passenger didn’t leave the purse and his theft attempt got spoiled. 

Meanwhile, the driver of the bus closed the door trapping one of his hands in between the door. Trapping the thief inside, the driver starts driving the bus. Closing the door and trapping his hand within, the driver prevented him from fleeing away. 

This didn’t end here. The driver continuously starts hitting him with a small log that prevented the thief from trying to free himself from the trap. 

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While the thief was crying, the driver called the police. When the driver opened the door at the next stop, police were waiting to welcome him out.

The video shared on Twitter by Instant Karma has garnered over 99K views along with thousands of likes. Even netizens are unstoppably appreciating the instant action of the driver.