Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While some mobile snatchers escape the crime scene, some suffer instant karma after getting caught by the public. 

Here we bring a video that shows a youth suffering instant karma in a brutal way after he was caught by the public while snatching a girl’s mobile.

In the video, a girl can be seen standing on the footpath with a mobile in her hands. Next, a youth with a cap, and red t-shirt approaches the girl on a bicycle.

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Suddenly, he snatches her mobile and tries to flee. While the girl starts chasing the thief, a four-wheeler coming from the opposite side surprisingly turns towards the mobile snatcher and hits him. 

As his cycle gets trapped under the wheels of the car, the youth leaves it behind and starts running. The driver steps down to join the girl. Some others also start chasing him. 

The entire scene got captured on CCTV. In another footage, the injured youth is seen limping on the footpath and falling to the ground. However, he regains strength and starts running again. But, another youth from the front kicks him violently making him fall on the road. 

Several others surround him and start thrashing him violently. The angry public showers punch and kick on the mobile snatcher.

The video shared on Twitter by Instant Karma has been viewed over 95K times and has resurfaced again on social media.

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Disclaimer: We don’t endorse any short of violence or abuse in any form. This piece is just based on a video which went viral after being shared on social media.