Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The pain and suffering of poor and homeless persons can’t be felt unless one steps into their shoes. Life on the streets can be humiliating and demeaning. Homeless persons feel left out and struggle hard to meet their daily needs. Many such people depend on alms of generous people. However, amid their struggles, dehumanizing experiences are quite common for them. 

While some generous people extend a helping hand or make small contributions according to their capacity, some rude people don’t even consider them as humans. Ill-mannered people abuse them mentally with their harsh words and some even cross the limits to harm them physically. Living without material comfort and suffering bad experiences, homeless persons struggle mentally. 

As homeless persons have none to their rescue or support, they bear the burden all alone.

Here we bring a video that shows an ill-mannered person abusing a homeless man physically by kicking and slapping him. But, he suffers instant karma for his awful actions.

As seen in the video, a homeless man is seen sitting on the streets with a bald man standing near him. Shockingly, the bald man starts kicking him. He continues to abuse the poor man physically by hitting him on his head. 

There were several people in the proximity as it seems to be a marketplace. But, none of them raised their voices against the brutality. 

However, suddenly a man comes running and kicks the bald man. The kick was quite powerful which flung the man in the air and his head hit the wall behind him. The rescuer also warned him before leaving.

The video shared on Twitter by Instant Karma has been viewed over 23.4K times and has also been liked near about a thousand times.