Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Violence against women or girls is quite frequent not just in India, but across the world. While most of the incidents go unreported, some offenders face legal consequences. Crimes committed behind closed doors likely go unnoticed. However, such violent acts committed publicly become more concerning when people in the surroundings don’t raise their voices.

Generally, many people don’t think it wise to poke their noses into matters of others. Undeniably, such thought may lead to deadly consequences.

However, here we bring a video that shows some brave man overpowering an attacker who assaulted a girl on a street. The brave approach of one man inspired many others and the attacker suffered instant karma .

As seen in the video, the girl is walking on the street. Suddenly, the youth attacked her from behind with some object. Both the youth and girl argue for a few moments, but, the youth attacks again with the object. After multiple hits, the girl falls down on the road. However, the youth seems to be in no mood to stop his attack. He continues hitting her while she was trying to rise up from the road.

The entire incident was captured on a CCTV installed in the nearby building. It was more concerning as certain people present nearby didn’t interrupt the attacker. 

However, suddenly three other persons approached the street while the youth was busy hitting the girl. One of the three persons rushed towards the youth and jumped on him. The duo fell down and another person joined the rescuer. Both persons overpowered the attacker and soon several others came closer. The place got crowded immediately and the girl was rescued from the attacker. Indeed, the braveness of a single person inspired a few others. 

The video shared on Twitter by Instant Karma has been viewed over 30K times and liked over a thousand times.