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A heartbreaking video of a Chinese father falling on his knees and bursting into tears has gone viral on social media. The man knelt and cried as he apologised to his daughter after she publicly shamed him for not having money to buy her an iPhone.

The shocking video has left netizens angry on social media who lambasted the current generation for running behind luxuries, despite their parents struggling to make both ends meet.

The heartbreaking incident was filmed in Taiyuan, in central China’s Shanxi province. As per an eyewitness, the girl shouted at her father, yelling, “Other parents can buy their children iPhone. Why don’t you have the money?”

After the severe rebuke, the father got down on his knees and shook his head as a gesture to blame himself for being financially incompetence.

Instead of apologizing to her father, the girl shouted at him once again, ‘Get up! Get up quickly!’ as she was apparently embarrassed somebody might see them.

“I felt an impulse to walk up to her and slap her,” said the eyewitness to South China Morning Post.

Though the authenticity of the video is not confirmed, the video shared by the eyewitness has now gone viral with netizens getting furious with the girl while others blamed the man that he should have taught her better.

“They are so obsessed with material comforts but ignore the hardships of their parents. It is a social tragedy,” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “Feel bad for the man. But, he did bad parenting. His actions will only propel the girl to be more rebellious.”

“The daughter is very vain. I feel sorrow for the two,” commented a third user.

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Meanwhile, a study has revealed that mostly the poor and low-income group prefer iPhone as it makes them feel more accepted in social groups and distinguishes them from the poorest people.

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