Vikash Sharma

With the festival of lights, Diwali just a few days away, it is quite natural that you might come across several offers from various shops and even on social media. But not every offer could be genuine as cyber fraudsters are always on the prowl looking to target their next victim with many lucrative offers on social media.

In one such incident, cyber fraudsters using India Post’s logo are sending malicious links and messages claiming to provide Apple iPhone 15 in lucky draw.

“You have a chance to win a gift. Please click the ‘ Claim Gift’ button to continue,” read one such malicious link.

In its awareness post, PIB Fact Check warned users about the scam. “A bogus lucky draw allegedly from @IndiaPostOffice is luring people into providing their personal information with the promise of winning an iPhone 15,” tweeted PIB Fact Check.




The tweet further stated that it is a scam and not related to India Post. People should be cautious and refrain from clicking on such suspicious links.

Apart from this, a photo is circulating on social media which claims that the Supreme Court has approved a logo for teachers to put on their vehicles like doctors and, lawyers. This claim is also fake and the Supreme Court has not given any such directive.