Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In colleges when first-year students join, the college management often organises a fest to welcome them to the university.

These events usually include dances, introduction programs, and other activities.

Recently, a video from the Fresher's Fest 2024 at Galgotias University went viral on social media. The video features a girl energetically dancing to the song "Choli Ke Peeche" from the movie 'Crew'.

She is wearing a white crop top and skirt. While some praised her dance moves, others raised concerns about the appropriateness of such performances in an educational setting.

Divya, the girl who posted this video on the 'X' platform, questioned in her caption whether such activities belong in an educational institution.

Many users in the comment section also debated the issue, with some defending the girl's dance as decent and others questioning its suitability for a college event.

Some people highlighted the concept of "lookism," suggesting that a person's appearance could affect their success, while others argued that the girl's dance was appropriate and showcased her talent.

Additionally, some users expressed disappointment that their own college experiences lacked the excitement of freshers' parties and festive celebrations like the one depicted in the video.