Cassian Baliarsingh

The month of April holds a special importance for all the employees working in private companies. It is the appraisal time and what could be more satisfying than hearing that your salary is likely to be increased. Whether you like it or not, the appraisal period is the time when your performance is reviewed. Lucky are those who get appraisals. 

However, imagine if your boss plays a prank on you using your appraisal. A boss has left his employees excited after he informed everyone that everybody was getting an appraisal. However, the message that followed it was shocking.

He asked them to look between letters H and L, which is J, K (which means Just Kidding). A woman employee shared the message from her boss and commented, “My boss needs to hesitate.”

The post has garnered more than 3 million views with thousands of comments cracking up at the woman’s predicament.

“Appraisal ke naam par yeh log toh Rs 500 hin dete hain,” commented a user. Another user commented, “It is time to change your boss.”

“Just kidding😜😜😉😉 bola na to mass resign  karke badalA  lo...,” commented another user.

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