Cassian Baliarsingh

Dating and relationships have become a costly affair these days, all thanks to the immense pressure and expectations created by Instagram and social media. Exotic getaways, pricey presents, good food, and expensive branded clothes – all Instagram-worthy – have made traditional dating an expensive affair.

Social media, especially Instagram, has built up expectations of lavish spending on partners. People these days prefer to stay single to save money instead of being in a relationship and getting drained out of their hard-earned money in restaurants and shopping malls.

Meanwhile, an Indian youth’s ‘desi jugaad’ to save money has left social media in splits. Going by the expenses in today’s time, it is hard to say what he did was wrong. The whole story of the couple went viral after the girl narrated her ordeal to a friend.

According to the girl, the couple has been a relationship for two years. They have rented a flat and split the rent accordingly. To her shock, she recently found out that the flat actually belonged to her boyfriend.

Sharing her story with her friend, the girl wrote, “You know what, Mai Apen Boyfriend Ke Saath 2 Saal Se Flat Meh Reh Rahi Hoon Aur Hum Dono Adha Adha Rent Dete Hain.”

“Aur Mujhe Abhi Pata Chala Yeh Flat Isi Ka Hai,” she added.

The cunning yet hilarious post has gone viral with social media users trying hard to control their laughter.

A user commented, “Romance in this economy is hard for real. He must be from a business family. He knows his finances really well.”

“But Babe he has an EMI to pay as well 😅Romance in this economy is real 😂,” commented another user.

A third user wrote, “This is business…. Usko fir gift bhi laani hoti he tumhare liye 🤣🤣”

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