Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Squabbles between flight passengers and staff are nothing new. However, in a gap of a few days, videos of scuffles between passengers inside aircraft have surfaced on the internet. While one incident was reportedly on Indian flyers flight from Bangkok to Kolkata, the other was purportedly on an IndiGo flight .

Recently, another such video surfaced on the internet in which employees of IndiGo airline can be seen picking up a fight with a passenger, who verbally abused them. 

As seen in the video, some employees of IndiGo are arguing with a passenger over some matter after the passenger abused them verbally. However, the passenger clarifies that he used abusive words as he was troubled by the staff. 

However, the employees were quite stubborn and said to him, “At least, you should consider your age while abusing.”

Later, the passenger moves ahead towards an airport bus while blaming the employees are not doing their job perfectly. He also warned them not to mess with him.

Fumed over this, the employees stop him from stepping up onto the airport bus but the passenger tries to enter the bus forcefully. One of the employees holds him from behind and goes a bit far from the airport bus. 

At first, the passenger remains calm, but, as soon as the employee loosens his grip around him, the passenger suddenly attacks another employee who approached near. He holds his neck and said, “How dare you push me?”

While trying to stop the passenger, the first employee loses his control and falls on the ground with the passenger.

Later, several employees joined him. While trying to free himself, the passenger beats the employee but he along with his other staff overpowered him. 

The video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has garnered over 28.5K views and the video has also triggered a debate. While some have extended their support for the employees, some have lambasted IndiGo stating that such incidents are more frequent with them.