Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Several youngsters are well versed in the latest technology while others are still trying to hone their skills.

Recently, a heart-warming video went viral on social media. The video featured a girl teaching her grandfather how to take pictures on a smartphone. The girl's act touched the hearts of several internet users.

The video was shared by a user named Minahil on her Instagram account with the caption "I suppose I love this life🩷". 

In the video, Minahil patiently guides her grandfather in using the smartphone camera. 

The grandfather, in turn, shares his wisdom, directing Minahil on how to pose for the photo and ensuring she avoids any thorns while touching nearby flowers.

During the photo session, the grandfather notices the front camera is on and asks if his face is visible, which adds to the charm of the video. 

As the video ends with a heart-melting selfie of the duo looking joyful and pretty, it continues to gain popularity.


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So far, it has amassed 1.3 million views and garnered numerous likes and comments.

One user commented, “Cutest mashaAllah. May Allah grant them a long and healthy life.” 

Another expressed, “I’m crying! Ah, you are so lucky Ma Shaa Allah ❤️ he’s the best!”

Many others shared their emotional responses, reminiscing about their own grandfathers and praising the video as the "cutest on the internet."