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One random act of kindness can be very inspiring and pure in nature. Such heartwarming acts are enough to fill people’s hearts with warmth. Speaking of which, a post has been going viral, showing how a needy man received unexpected support from strangers.

The video has garnered a lot of attention on Instagram. Shared by Pubity, the viral video shows a street vendor, who was selling fruits, accidentally dropping all his fruits. The incident leaves the man disheartened as he breaks out in tears.

Much to his surprise, strangers around him come to his rescue and help him gather back all the scattered fruits. The viral video also shows the strangers coming forward and offering him money in an effort to cover all his losses.


A post shared by Pubity (@pubity)

Moved by their gesture, the man is left overwhelmed and almost in tears as he picks up the leftovers. “People can be amazing sometimes,” the video’s caption reads.

While the location or time of the incident is yet to be known, the viral video has generated heartwarming reactions on the internet.

“Humans actually being human and nice! 👏👏👏🙏 U can just see he’s crying cuz he needs it. Its so sweet the people helped him out🥹,” commented a user.

Another user shared, “I love to see the humanity in people and he is so appreciative of it. See him wiping his tears ️”

“More videos like this please ️ let's encourage people to be kind to one another,” commented another user.

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