Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In exams, students often resort to creative responses when they do not know the answer to a question. 

This is especially common among engineering students, who sometimes write unrelated content to fill up the answer sheet.

Recently, a similar incident has been going viral on social media involving an exam question that asked students to “Draw the heart diagram, label, and write the functions of the heart.”

Instead of labeling the heart's components correctly, one student humorously filled in the four chambers with names of girls: Haritha, Priya, Pooja, Roopa, and Namitha.

The student did not stop there. Each 'chamber' was accompanied by personalised descriptions. Priya, for instance, was mentioned as someone the student likes and frequently chats with on Instagram.

Roopa was described as beautiful and cute, and known for interactions on Snapchat. Namitha was noted for her long hair and big eyes as the neighbor's daughter. 

Pooja is described as the student's ex-lover whom he can not forget, and Haritha is simply mentioned as a classmate.

The humorous yet incorrect answer did not amuse the teacher, who gave the response 0/10 and asked the students to contact their parents.

The video of this incident has gone viral, amassing millions of views and numerous comments. 

One user humorously noted, “At least he knows the heart has 4 chambers.” Another pointed out, “The teacher’s handwriting and the student’s handwriting are the same.” There were also comments like, “Bro trying to forget his ex 😂,”

“That Priya is also a fake ID 😂,” and “Salute to the person who drew the heart diagram correctly.” Another comment read, “Student rocked, teacher shocked 😂😂,” among many other hilarious remarks.

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