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A popular reality TV star broke down on live after she allegedly caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. Kristen Kelly, known for the reality show ‘Bad Girls Club’, had an emotional outburst on TikTok.

A distressed Kelly, who is 34 weeks pregnant, found out that her boyfriend Chris Schievnik who is the father of her unborn child was vacationing with her best friend Kalyn in Mexico. However, the couple got into a bike accident and needed money for treatment.

They had set up a GoFundMe page to collect money for their treatment. Kelly came to know about their affair after she came across the GoFundMe page. Live streaming, Kelly broke into tears and revealed how Chris was cheating on her. He had told her that he was working the whole week and was just one hour away from her considering she is heavily pregnant with their second child. Instead, he was chilling in Mexico with her friend Kalyn.


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Unable to control her tears, Kelly said, “While on the trip Kalyn and Chris were in a motorcycle accident. Her family made a GoFundMe, which is how I found out. For once a motorcycle accident saved someone’s life.”

Now, Kelly’s online meltdown has got the attention of social media users. Videos from her livestream are going viral on different platforms. Taking to the comments section, her fans sympathized with her and extended support for her.

“They were in a motorcycle accident why are you crying? God worked fast!” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “I mean he got into an accident “instant karma” “You don’t have to run to Instagram or social media with your problems!!!!” commented another user.

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