Soumya Prakash Pradhan

As students we spend a significant portion of our time in college, typically 3 to 4 years, and create lovely memories that will stay with us forever.

As they say, college time is some of the best years of every college-goers life.

The time spent with friends, gossiping and bunking classes are some of the most beautiful memories in our lives.

However, then comes a time, when we have to bid adieu to our colleges, which is called farewell. It is then our juniors organise the farewell party that often includes various activities, such as dance performances, fun and music.

Recently, a video from a college in Sonepat, Haryana, has been going viral on social media. 

The video beautifully captures three girls dancing at a farewell party. Each girl dressed in a different colored saree one in a pink-red mix, another in blue, and the third in black and white. 

They perform to a popular Bhojpuri song called "Saj Ke Sawar Ke." Their captivating dance moves draw the audience's attention with each step and movement in sync with the lively Bhojpuri music.

The video shows the girls gracefully dancing to the lyrics, including the part "raja kaila biyah tu mota jaiba ho."

As the girls' dance, the audience cannot resist, but join in, adding to the festive atmosphere. The video quickly gained popularity, reaching one million views on social media, with numerous comments pouring in.

One user commented, "That's my sis 😍," while another commented, "Zabardast!" Some expressed regret for not having such memorable farewell experiences themselves.

Others showered the girls with compliments, declaring their love and admiration. Comments like "I love you 3 of you my darlings" and "My favorite is the girl in the pink saree" flooded the comment section, accompanied by an abundance of love and fire emojis.

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