Cassian Baliarsingh

India’s reservation system has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. There have been a lot of controversies and a debate over its relevance in 2024 after so many years of India’s Independence. Meanwhile, a young girl has once again reignited the debate by sharing her opinion on the matter.

Rashi Pandey, a general category student studying at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi (IIMR), claimed how she couldn’t get admission despite scoring 97%, lives in a rented house and her ancestors didn’t pass down acres of land.

However, her classmate who scored 60% and comes from a well-to-do family has got in due to reservation.

“I am a general category student. My ancestors have passed me down 0.00 acres of land. I live in a rented house. I couldn’t get admission despite scoring 97% but my classmate who scored 60% and comes from a well-off family got admission. And you ask me why I have a problem with reservation?” Ms Pandey tweeted.

As expected, her post went viral and gained major traction online, leaving social media users divided. Some users agreed with Rashi while others slammed her for having a ‘privileged mindset’ in the comments section.

“The day on which General category people start abolishing caste system is the day when SC/ST and OBC people will abolish reservation,” a user wrote.

Another user shared, “Government benefits and reservations should be based on net worth and income. There should be not anything based on caste and religion.”

“Didi reservation exists for the same reason why girls are getting through low cut-offs (soft reservation) than male candidates,” commented another user.

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