Cassian Baliarsingh

Close on the heels of a brawl between a few Indian flyers onboard a flight from Bangkok to Kolkata, another video of a fight among passengers on a plane has gone viral.

In the video, shared by Poulomi Saha, passengers were seen hurling abuses and using filthy language inside the flight. Although the exact location of the flight is yet to be known, visuals indicate that the brawl was inside an IndiGo flight.

The video surfaced a few days after a clip of a passenger misbehaving with a flight attendant went viral. Frequent incidents of such mid-air brawls have raised questions on the behaviour of Indian flyers as many pointed out that it was indeed bringing a bad name to the country. 

Poulomi Saha shared the video with the caption that read, “Just what are Indian flyers high on?”

Soon, many social media users expressed their outrage over such behaviour inside the flight.

“High on arrogance as they now have money to take flights instead of on trains where they were used to fighting! Many Indians travelling on flights are manner less, loud & troublemakers! See them on flights/airports, with huge backpacks knocking other passengers, often on their face,” commented a user.

Another user commented, “Airlines should have bouncers instead of air hostesses.”

A third user wrote, “Indians don’t treat each other well but expect the world to treat them better. Just look at the way Indian flight with each other. They’re trigger-happy and are always looking for a fight on the streets and in other public places. They don’t compassion. Nor do they have patience.”

A third user commented, “Incrase in GDP does not increase mannerism or humbleness. Like Indian people can never be humble like Europeans or Indian people in previous era. I am not saying that good people left India, but the number is decreasing.”

“Indians who buy an air ticket think they own the airplane, the air hostess and stewards and sometimes the airports too,” pointed out another user.