Poonam Singh

Kareena Kapoor Khan soared into 2024 with the resounding success of ‘Crew,’ a film that captivated audiences with its portrayal of strong female leads navigating a high-stakes adventure.

Alongside Tabu and Kriti Sanon, Kareena charmed viewers as flight attendants embroiled in a gold smuggling scheme to save their airline. 

Reflecting on ‘Crew,’ Kareena expressed her keenness for a sequel during an interview with Variety. She highlighted the film's refreshing portrayal of empowered women and emphasized its entertainment value over any underlying message. 

Kareena credited the film's success to the overwhelming support it received from the audiences, particularly women and families.

Kareena also opened up about her role in ‘Singham Again,’ another addition to Rohit Shetty's cop universe.

Kareena described the film as a "completely male testosterone movie," emphasizing the strong presence of male characters.

However, she added, "There’s Deepika (Padukone) and me in the film, where we have very strong parts. But obviously it’ll be really different, it is the big ticket Bollywood bonanza for this year, and I’m sure people will enjoy that.”

In another exciting venture, Kareena takes on the lead role in Hansal Mehta's upcoming film, "The Buckingham Murders." 

Portraying a mother and investigator grappling with a tragic loss, Kareena's character delves into the murder of a 10-year-old in Buckinghamshire. Premiering at MAMI 2023, the film promises a gripping narrative that showcases Kareena's versatility as an actor.