Cassian Baliarsingh

Marriage ceremonies are always fun and entertaining and many bizarre and unexpected events take place on the occasions. Imagine having a wardrobe malfunction on your wedding day!

Something similar happened to a groom lately when his pyjama fell off during the poor fella’s wedding ceremony. The hilarious video of the groom’s pyjama falling off during the jaimala ceremony did not only leave the bride and the guests in splits, but has the internet ROFL.

The laughter of the bride made the groom as embarrassed as happy! The groom also burst out in laughter himself while the guests too can’t contain their chuckles either.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user @HasnaZarooriHai. The video begins with the bride and the groom standing at the wedding venue all ready to exchange the garlands. While the two exchange garlands, the groom’s pyjama falls off. 

Unaware, he continues to smile at the guests when he learns that his pants have fallen off and immediately lifts it up. Seeing the hilarious turn of events, the bride also bursts into laughter.

The video has also left social media users in splits who took to the comment section and posted hilarious comments to add to the hilarity of the video.

“Itna zaldi me hai dulha, reception 5 din ke baad hoga,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Genuine result of marriage under pressure.”

“Badi jaldi main hai bhai,” wrote another user.