Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • A groom in Telangana canceled the marriage because the bride's parents gave old furniture as a dowry.
  • Police have registered a case against the groom based on the complaint of the bride's father.

A groom canceled his marriage because his in-laws gave him old furniture as dowry. The groom, who works as a bus driver in Telangana, did not come to the marriage ceremony because he and his family were not happy with the old furniture they had received as dowry.

According to Live Hindustan, when the groom did not turn up, the bride's father filed a complaint against him at the police station.

Talking to the press, the father said that when he went to the house of the groom but his parents misbehaved with him. They also said that the dowry did not include the items they had demanded and even the furniture was old.

That is why the family of the groom denied coming to the marriage venue. The father of the bride had already invited lots of people including family members and friends to the marriage ceremony and food arrangements were made accordingly. But neither the groom nor his family members arrived.

On the basis of the complaint, the police officials said that the family of the groom was expecting new furniture along with other items as demanded in the dowry.

However, the bride's family gave used and old furniture as dowry which was unacceptable for the groom's family, and hence they did not come to the marriage venue.

In India, taking a dowry is a crime. Even then such customs and traditions are followed by the families in the urban and rural areas.

Since taking dowry is a criminal offense, the police have registered a case against the groom and his family members and have started investigating the entire incident.