Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Online dance videos are captivating when talented girls perform and display their skills. Their mesmerising steps along with the foot-tapping music create breathtaking ambiance. 

Recently, a video featuring a girl dancing gracefully to the Bollywood song 'Gerua,' originally sung by Arijit Singh for the movie Dilwale, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol,  has gone viral on social media.

This viral sensation is Mishra Ji because she mimics Kajol's dance from Dilwale, wearing a red net ruffle lehenga and dancing in the water, just like in the movie.


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Her performance to the romantic Bollywood song 'Gerua' has taken the internet by storm.

Mishra Ji's flawless dance synchronises perfectly with the song's beautiful rhythms.

Her moves during the lyrics, "Haan phikke hai saare, Naate jahan ke, Tere sath rishta gehra ban gaya," are especially captivating.

Internet users have also reacted to the video with one saying, "wonderful dance performance," another describing it as a "killer dance," and someone suggesting, "You should have been in the Dilwale movie!"