Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Animal behaviour is unpredictable. Moreover, behaviour of pets and animals in the wild is also diverse. Videos of dancing animals are quite prevalent these days and can be found on social media in abundance. However, these animals are mostly trained and watching them dance is certainly a visual treat. 

Here we bring a video that may leave you confused.

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As seen in the video, a girl is shaking her hips and moving her hands to and fro to the beats of Mohit Chauhan’s popular song Matargashti. 

However, as the camera pans from behind the girl, an elephant at a distance is seen imitating the girl by swinging its body to and fro. The majestic being is also seen moving its head as a gesture of enjoying the act. 

The video shared on Instagram by beingnavi90 has won the hearts of netizens which is evident from the likes for the post. 

The caption for the video reads: He literally danced with me..

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One user commented, “Awwwww !! How adorable it is.” (sic)

Another user wrote, “I don't know how many times I hv seen this vdo” (sic)

“This video makes my day happy,” wrote a third user. (sic)

However, several others expressed their concern for the elephant as it was chained and standing under a shed. Some even went on to mention that the elephant is doing such movements due to stress.