Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Mothers are brave and can face any danger to save their offspring. Be it wild animals or civilized humans, all mothers can turn fierce when they sense any danger approaching their child. 

Though animal behaviour is unpredictable , when it is about any danger approaching their offspring, they don’t give a second thought before facing the danger.

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Here we bring a video of a female elephant attacking a huge crocodile and stamping on it to protect its calf.

As seen in the video, the big elephant with its small calf is seen drinking water from a pond. Using its tusk, the large pachyderm sprinkles water on its body to cool down. Meanwhile, the calf is seen submerged in the water body. 

However, suddenly it charges forward and a crocodile is seen taking a leap forward. Without caring about the danger, the majestic animal continuously stamps its foot on the crocodile while the terror-struck calf is seen staying close to its mother. 

While attacking the crocodile, the elephant continues to trumpet. 

A few moments later, the huge crocodile walks out of the pond and escapes from the spot to save its life.

From the gesture, it seems, the calf is terrorized after the attack and sticks by its mother’s side. 

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The video shared by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda on Twitter has been viewed over 31K times. The video has won the hearts of netizens.

The caption for the post reads: The extent to which elephants can go in protecting their calves is mind boggling. Here is a small incident. The Crocodile had to surrender.