Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The animal kingdom is quite surprising. While it is thought that big and ferocious animals always win the battle, sometimes, small creatures can defeat big animals easily. The first sight of a big carnivore animal can trigger panic among small animals. What would be the condition of a small animal when it confronts three big leopards ?

Here we bring a video that shows a honey badger battling with three big leopards and escaping unhurt.

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In the video, two big leopards are seen trying to tear apart a honey badger with their sharp teeth while another big cat is seen waiting for its turn. However, the tables turn and the honey badger frees itself from one leopard. Immediately, it attacks the second leopard and frees itself. 

Without any delay, it attacks the third leopard. It keeps on attacking the leopards, one after the other. On the other hand, the leopards also seem to be in no mood to leave their prey. Again a leopard bites the honey badger at its back. But, the honey badger turns back and attacks. 

Moreover, it starts chasing the wild cats. 

After battling for a while, the honey badger escapes unhurt from the leopards while the big cats stand still while gazing at the escaping prey.

The video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda has been viewed over 19K times. The caption for the post reads: The Field Marshal takes on three big cats & comes out victorious. (sic)

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Explaining the honey badger, IFS official Nanda wrote, “Honey Badger is the most fearless animal. Their skin is thick & remarkably loose, allowing them to turn and twist freely letting them attack even when held by the neck. Immune to snake venoms & Scorpion's bites.”

Notably, honey badgers though are small in size and carnivores; they have few predators because of their thick and loose skin, strength, and ferocious defensive abilities.