Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Wild animals are meant to reside in their natural habitat and when kept in enclosures, they develop several behavioural changes. Though all animals are not aggressive, they are bound to remain protective. Have you ever encountered any wild animal while either in a safari or reserve or in an open forest ?

Here we bring you a video of two Rhinoceros that turned aggressive and chased a group of tourists in a safari.

In the video, a group of tourists are seen standing on a four-wheeler and looking towards the forest. Even one of the tourists turned his camera on to capture the scenic beauty of nature.

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However, suddenly, the two rhinos charged towards the tourists aggressively. The vehicle rolled back along with other vehicles including a forest official. However, the driver couldn’t drive with perfection on the reverse side and lost control on the wheels as it skids off the road turns turtle. 

The video shared on Twitter by Susanta Nanda, Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer has by now been viewed over 265K times. Nanda also penned a note for the video that read: “This one showcases what all are wrong in our wildlife Safaris… Respect the privacy of wild animals. Safety of self comes first. I am informed that both Rhino & tourists are safe. All will not be that lucky”

Rhinoceros are quite protective and prefer roaming unhindered and undisturbed. They are rarely aggressive if unprovoked. They charge to defend themselves when they perceive a threat. Though different efforts and initiatives have been taken by the government to preserve wild animals, they are under threat due to rampant poaching.

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