Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The animal kingdom is quite interesting and surprising. Moreover, it is quite difficult to understand the behaviours of animals , unless you are well aware of related facts. While understanding pet animals could be easier, animals in wild are mostly unpredictable.

Here we bring such a video that will leave you rolling on the floor, laughing and extremely surprised. 

As seen in the video, an adult Rhinoceros is running on a road while it is being captured on a mobile camera by a person following it in a vehicle. 

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As soon as the rhino approaches a stationery auto-rickshaw with a passenger in the back seat, the wild animal stops. Strangely, it peeped into the rickshaw which frightened the driver and the passenger. 

While the driver and passenger ran off from the vehicle, the rhino waited for a moment and behaved strangely. As it appeared, the wild animal was trying to enter the rickshaw to take a ride as it was exhausted after running.

However, failing to enter the rickshaw, it again started running on the road.

The video shared on Twitter by Susanta Nanda, Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer, is captioned, “Another day.. A full grown Rhinoceros in a hurry & desperate for a lift to reach the home.” By now, the video has been viewed over 43K times. 

While several expressed concerns about the wild animals and the changing behaviour over the destruction of their habitat, some others went on to comment with hilarious remarks.

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