Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Do you love exploring the serene beauty of nature while taking a ride on the waters? Waters are unpredictable and so are the dangers in waters. How would you react if you get chased by a crocodile or a hippopotamus while taking a ride in the water? 

A hippopotamus is a large, semi-aquatic mammal and is also referred to as River Horse. Though they can’t swim and breathe underwater or even float, they have developed a tactic that helps them to nap underwater. 

One can find videos of hippopotamuses on different video streaming platforms that show violent fights of these large mammals. Due to their large size, they don’t bother if they are locking horns with a crocodile or a lion. Though hippopotamuses seem to be calm in nature, they can turn really violent at times. The attack of hippos can’t be predicted as it is difficult to trace them while they remain underwater.

Here we bring a video in which a hippo can be seen chasing a group of people on a motorboat. The video has recently stormed the internet and netizens have re-shared it several times.

As seen in the video, the group of people is capturing the scenic view on their mobile phones while taking a ride on the motorboat when they discover the hippo. Suddenly, the hippo starts chasing them. The mammal looked quite angry and continued to chase them. But, luckily, the tourists escaped from the animal’s attack after increasing the speed of the boat.

The video shared on Twitter by Hidden Tips also carried an alert message with the video that read: “Although accurate numbers are hard to come by, lore has it that hippos kill more people each year than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos combined. Don't get close!”

The video has been viewed over 105.7K times and has garnered 1468 likes.