Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Exploring the wild is certainly fun and thrilling. However, everyone needs to remain cautious with ample knowledge of wild animals and their behaviour before venturing into the wild. Animal behaviour is unpredictable . While they are adorable and friendly, they may also turn violent at times. 

The government has laid certain rules for entering into sanctuaries, national parks or national conservation areas where one is most likely to face wild animals roaming in the open. However, people flouting the rules face dire consequences and some lucky persons escape from any tragic incident.

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Here we bring a video of a group of lucky people who escaped from a wild elephant’s attack.

In the video, a man wearing a helmet is seen running on the road while a wild elephant is seen running towards him. Some other persons are also heard yelling out of panic. They are heard asking the driver to move as the elephant unstoppably marches forward.

However, the driver doesn't move the vehicle until the elephant comes closer. The elephant arrives closer to the group of people boarded on the vehicle and the driver starts moving the vehicle. Out of panic, the girls in the group start yelling loudly. 

As they move farther, the elephant stops chasing and turns towards the bike parked on the roadside. 

The video shared on Twitter by WildLense Eco Foundation has gone viral on social media with netizens expressing their anger.

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