Poonam Singh

Weddings are incomplete without some pranks by friends and siblings of the brides and grooms. However, sometimes these fun pranks turn into disaster ruining the entire environment of the wedding. 

One such video is currently going viral on the internet in which friends' dirty act with bride and groom on a wedding stage has left the internet baffled.

In the viral video, you can see that the bride and groom sitting on the stage and they are completely covered with snow spray. 

The bride is seen cleaning the snow spray from her face and hands while the groom is sitting calmly beside her as one of their friends is seen spraying the snow. The bride and groom's outfit is completely ruined by snow spray.

The video was shared by an Instagram account called brides_speciall has got 2.1 million views till the filling of this copy.

Netizens seem confused after watching the video as they asked if such an act by friends really needed on such a big day.

Besides, some slammed the friends for ruining their Big Day with their dirty act while some opined that the groom was also part of the idea.

One user said, "They're not really your friends if they are intentionally ruining your day,...." Another wrote, " 😂he was sitting like he knows this gonna happen so let it.."

A third user commented, " What a shit ...dosti k naam pe unka special day khrb kr dia" Yet another joked, " Groom patience ✌🤭😄".