Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Dogs are known to be quite smart and intelligent. While all animals implement survival skills when they feel threatened or get attacked, most dogs deal with dangers smartly.

Here we bring a video of a brave dog that fought back against certain death after getting swept away in flood and walks to safety by implementing its intelligence.

In the video, the dog can be seen stuck in a ditch of a sloppy drain flooded with water. The water is flowing at a high speed in the drain and the dog continues to struggle while being completely immersed in the water with only its head popping out.

The force of flowing water continues to pressurise the dog making it unable for the canine to walk to safety. However, the dog doesn't lose hope and continues its effort. Suddenly, the dog completely immerses in the flood water but again pops out its head to the surface after a few moments. The dog continuously tries to walk above the slope from where the water is flowing down.

After a few moments, the dog gets swept away by the water current and luckily moves to the side. Instantly, the canine jumps to the side and walks to safety. It immediately tries to jump above the wall but after being completely drained out of its energy, it falls back into the flood water.

However, it walks to a safe place and waits calmly. A rescuer tries to pull the dog up the wall. As soon as it sees the human, it regains strength and stretches out its forelegs. The rescuer holds the collar of the dog and pulls it to safety.

The video shared on Twitter by Dale Rts has gone viral on social media with netizens expressing their happiness after watching the dog walking to safety. Moreover, everyone praised the canine for being extremely courageous.