Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bold culinary experiment, a street vendor in Kolkata has elevated the fusion trend by making momos stuffed with chicken biryani. The surprising fusion has ignited hilarious reactions from social media users.

The audacious amalgamation of momos with chicken biryani has left food enthusiasts grappling with the idea of such an unconventional combination. Social media has been reverberating with diverse reactions as the Biryani momos trend on social media.

The video went viral after a popular Instagram page ‘haomaokhaovlogs’ shared the ‘biryani momo’. The intention behind sharing this content is to provide a unique fusion dish that enhances people’s culinary adventures.

Sharing the video, haomaokhaovlogs wrote, “✨Kolkata’s First Time Biryani Momo! Yes! You Heard It Right! A New Concept Introduced By Momo Chayee!🥟 So Comment Down Below Will You Be Trying This Or Not?😉”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered hilarious reactions from several social media users. While many brutally trolled the street vendor for destroying original foods, others complimented her for the unique fusion.

“Destroyed the whole ethnicity of momos as well as biriyani,” a user commented. Another user wrote, “This is what happens when you let your intrusive thoughts win.” “Naaaaaaahinnn😭😭😭😭😭😵💫😵💫😵💫😵💫,” commented a third user.