Vikash Sharma

From phone numbers to names or expressing love for their partner or even slang, you might have come across various such writings on the currency notes which are in general circulation. There are certain instances when people refuse to accept such notes which have something written on it.

Many times, it leads to some kind of argument between people. What has come as a concern is a viral message which claimed that writing anything on new notes makes the note invalid and it will be no longer legal tender.

The viral message claims that such instruction has been issued as per the new guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Under such circumstances, people are now asking, ‘Does writing anything on the banknote make it invalid?.”

The Government’s PIB Factcheck has answered such pertinent questions creating confusion in the minds of the people.

As per the PIB Factcheck tweet, “NO, Bank notes with scribbling are not invalid & continue to be legal tender.”

The agency further informed that under the ‘Clean Note Policy’, people are requested not to write on the currency notes as it defaces them and reduces their life.