Poonam Singh

Wedding videos are a rage on social media platforms right now with several videos from wedding ceremonies going viral at regular intervals.

Recently, a video of an African wedding has gone viral in which a grouchy groom can be seen kicking a wedding guest angrily in front of his bride, family, and friends.

In the viral clip, the groom and bride can be seen dancing down towards their wedding stage followed by their groomsmen and bridesmaid. When a guest can be seen getting up from his seat and sticking a note on the groom’s forehead. 

However, the groom seemed not impressed by the guest's gesture and gets irritated by it. Later, he is seen removing the note and throwing it down. But the guest who stuck the note picks up the note and tries to paste it again on the groom's forehead, but this time the irked groom hits the guest and a fight broke between them.

Meanwhile, the bride, who was beside the groom, can also be seen trying to stop the groom. Some of the people present in the venue tried to calm the groom and stop the fight.

The video has sparked a plethora of reactions from netizens. While some pointed out that the groom is irked as the guest spat on the money first, others noted that it was a cultural thing. 

The video was shared on Instagram by a page called, somalisnaps, with the caption, “African wedding! Why is he mad tho.” The video has garnered over 3.5 Million views and over 40.7K likes.

One user wrote, “He spat on the money before putting it in his head, pay attention.” Another commented, “think the groom was already hot! Older guy was picking up the money off the ground when the groom kicked him. Why is he so mad on his wedding day?

A third user defended the groom and wrote, “Bro the guy spit on the money and smacked it on his face, what do u expect..”