Cassian Baliarsingh

A man ran out of luck after he was caught in a lady’s attire and disguised as a woman to write an exam for his girlfriend in Punjab. In an attempt to look like his girlfriend, the man wore make-up and dressed like her.

He wore a cap, makeup, and woman attire and went into the exam hall on behalf of his girlfriend. However, the unlucky man got caught by an invigilating officer and was unmasked. He was immediately handcuffed and handed over to the police.

As soon as the news was shared on social media, it sparked a laughter riot on all platforms.

A user hilariously wrote, “Mard apni pasandida aurat ke liye aurat bhi ban sakta hai 🤣”

“And the boyfriend of the decade goes to this guy. Bro has raised the bar too high,” commented another user.

“And the winner of this man apni pasandida award goes to this LEGEND ♻️🤣” commented another user.

A fourth user wrote, “Bas koi aisa mard mil jaaye to aur kya hi chahiye🥰😂”