Cassian Baliarsingh

A woman, who herself is sitting at home and doing nothing, reportedly rejected an engineer who is earning Rs 8LPA. The woman claimed that 8LPA was very low and she wants a groom who is earning Rs 25L per annum.

The rejected engineer’s friend took to social media and shared his story that has now sparked a debate online. Irony is that the girl left her job last year because she felt exhausted, and she’s not doing anything now.

In a series of tweets, the X user wrote, “One of my engineer friend who is earning 8LPA and it's been only two years of his job and belongs to a well to do baniya family got rejected for arranged marriage by a girl who left her job last year because she felt exhausted and not she's not doing anything now.”

He continued, “Rejection is that Package of the boy is less and he is a bit slim ...the girl family wants minimum 25LPA package of a boy who's going to marry their girl way men are to be blamed everytime about everything...when a girl can earn why did she need to be dependent like this.”

His tweet has gone viral with 748.3K views and around 4.1K likes on X (formerly known as Twitter), sparking a debate online. While many users admitted that the girl was right in her own way, many others called it ‘reverse dowry’.

A user commented, “That's rough, but there's someone out there who will appreciate him for who he is.”

“If she is not beautiful chances of getting married are very bleak bcoz for getting a groom with 25 LPA her parents have to arrange atleast a crore for dowry 🤔🤨😳🙄,” commented another user.

A third user wrote, “Whole marriage system has gone for toss due to this independent and ambitious thinking!”