Poonam Singh

Recent instances of couples engaging in intimate behaviour inside Delhi Metro raised eyebrows, with yet another incident surfacing, but this time in Bengaluru. 

A user on X shared a video depicting a young couple engaging in a public display of affection near the automated doors of a moving metro train. The user, who shared the video, claimed that the couple was also kissing each other, prompting calls for action from authorities. 

Addressing the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) and Bengaluru police, the user urged authorities to intervene, expressing concerns over the increasing frequency of such incidents. 

"Hey @OfficialBMRCL @NammaMetro_@BlrCityPolice, what happening in Namma metro, slowly Bangalore metro is turning into the Delhi metro. Take some action on them. The girl was kissing the boy," the user wrote along with the video.

In response to the viral video, Bengaluru police acknowledged the social media complaint and requested the user to provide their contact number via direct message (DM). 

Amidst its viral spread on social media, the clip has stirred diverse reactions. While some users voiced outrage, emphasizing the importance of upholding decorum and respecting public spaces, others raised concerns regarding the filming of the act without the couple's consent.

One user wrote, “Is the Delhi metro a bad example for couples? Let them do their business unless it harms you bruh!”

Another user wrote, “No need to make it such a big issue. It's not harming anyone. Instead, let's punish those urinating and defecating in public.”

A third user wrote, “Time for better laws in this country, PDA to a certain extent should be allowed and not penalized.”