Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In today's digital age, almost everything is done online, from purchasing goods to placing orders.

It is incredibly convenient! Imagine feeling hungry; you simply grab your smartphone, open a food delivery app, and order whatever you are craving.

Recently, a viral video caught everyone's attention. Two friends from UK embarked on a spontaneous trip to Paris just to indulge in a single pizza! The story spread like wildfire across social media, showcasing their intense craving.

As per reports from News18, two adventurous pals from Liverpool, Morgan Bold and Jess Wooder, jetted off to Pisa, Italy, for a pizza escapade, returning in time for work the next day. 

These British women, residing in London, set out on a culinary adventure, exploring the city, indulging in pizza, and sampling other delectable Italian dishes.

Surprisingly, the entire trip, including flights, cost them less than a journey from Liverpool to London! Morgan Bold, spotting budget-friendly flights, proposed this 'extreme day trip' to her friend, Jess Wooder.

Their video captures moments of excitement, from donning Mona Lisa t-shirts to visiting temples and savoring pizza and refreshing drinks.

Morgan shared that the entire adventure set her back roughly Rs 17,730, with flight expenses totaling approximately Rs 2800. Additional costs for airport parking and food amounted around Rs 4000.