Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a woman passenger on board a flight went berserk and started running around topless to smoke. The bizarre incident has been reported from a mid-flight in Russia.

Shockingly, the 49-year-old woman passenger even tried to break into the cockpit. She started shouting that all the passengers would all die soon. The accused woman has been identified as Anzhelika Moskvitina.

As per Daily Mail, the incident was reported from an Aeroflot airlines flight from Stavropol to Moscow.

According to sources, the woman was flying in the flight like a normal person. However, mid-flight she got up and went to the toilet to smoke. However, the crew members stopped her from smoking inside the flight and requested her to control until the flight landed.

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However, the woman went crazy and started stripping off. She then ran around in the flight bare-chested in front of all passengers including children. The woman was finally restrained by a male flight attendant, but not before biting him. The video of the whole incident is now going viral on social media.

Shared by Daily Mail, one of the passengers on the plane asks her to behave and shouts, “Do you understand you’re violating the behavior rules on the plane? There are children here. Respect them at least.”

However, the woman continued to wreak havoc and tried to enter the cockpit and see the pilots.

“I understand I’ll go to a mental hospital or to prison for trying this, but I demand to see the pilots,” she can be heard shouting. 

She was finally restrained and handed over to police after the flight landed in Moscow, reports said.