Poonam Singh

A shocking video emerged from West Bengal's Ranaghat district, depicting a trainer physically abusing a woman inside a gym. 

Shared by an X user, the footage captured the horrible act of the gym trainer. In the video, the semi-naked male trainer approached the woman, dragged her to the ground, and mercilessly assaulted her with kicks and punches to the face and stomach while she cried out for help.

After the video went viral on social media, numerous X users expressed outrage over the victim's harrowing ordeal and urged for enhanced women's protection. Criticism also arose regarding the perceived sluggish response from governmental authorities.

One user wrote, “The person should be arrested immediately. Shocking video!” Another user wrote, “This is Horrible.”

“In all Gyms, it should be made mandatory to have 2 female staff whenever it is open,” opined a user.

However, Ranaghat District Police reportedly took action, launching an investigation and ensuring the victim's safety. In a social media post, the police announced, "The perpetrator in this video has been identified and apprehended by Ranaghat District Police. Legal proceedings have been initiated against him. The victim has been contacted and is presently in a safe and secure condition."