Cassian Baliarsingh

In this era of reels and Instagram, it has become a trend to visit restaurants and spend a little extra for a fancy meal. People visit 5-star restaurants for the sheer luxury they offer or sometimes just to flaunt it on social media.

However, the unbelievable price of meals in 5-star restaurants has clearly gone beyond our imagination. A Bengaluru-based food blogger who recently visited a restaurant wasn’t too happy with the unnecessary price and has sparked a debate on Twitter.

Bengaluru-based food blogger Kripal Amanna shared his experience and wrote, “7500 plus tax! Nearly 10 grand per person for a meal in Bengaluru! For food alone, five courses, looks good but not overly spectacular or exotic. Is it just me who thinks our five star hotels now dwell in a parallel universe?”

His post with 56.3K views has received plethora of reactions from social media users.

“30 years ago a buffet used to cost 75 at a 5 star hotel. Now, that is a 100 times, which is 30% inflation. That’s not only in 5 star hotels but its all around,” wrote a user.

Another user commented, “Got used to paying 3K-5K bills for 2 Adults + 1 kid meals in Bengaluru. Ordered similar stuff in a good hotel in Alwaye (Kochi) and bill was Rs 800. Had to confirm whether they missed any item or gave extra discount.”

A third user wrote, “Went for an 11pm food fix at Oberoi after a concert as every restaurant in the vicinity had shut down. I can’t tell you how sad the food was. They managed to ruin a Bombay sandwich even.”