Cassian Baliarsingh

After celebrities, social media influencers are now taking the internet by storm with thousands of followers. With the trend of reels increasing, social media influencers have also become celebrities and enjoy a massive fan base.

However, with the advantages of being a well-known face, it also comes with a lot of disadvantages. One has to deal with dirty comments from a few fans who go to any length and post unnecessary comments.

Recently, a social influencer, identified as Dhruviii Parmar, took to her Instagram to share her experience of a fan obsession and his demand for ‘casual hookup’.

Dhruviii Parmar shared screenshots of the email she had received from a fan who asked her if she charges for hookup services.

Sharing the screenshot, Dhruviii wrote, “How characterless you must be to email someone this. I’m so done.”
The man’s email reads, “Hi Dhruvi, I’m very big fan of your work and your boldness on Instagram. I’m from Gujarat and just wanted to know about your other services apart from reels and Instagram. Do you give personal services like hookup casual one services?”

He further wrote, “Charges for services please let us know. I want to know about this segement also. With no intention to hurt you in any way, I just wanted to know whether you give this services or not. If so please let me know. I would love to pay you with mutual consent and we can have a great time with each other some day.”