Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The Internet is the hub of bizarre and surprising events that get captured on camera. While some of the videos tickle the funny bones of the viewers, other videos leave netizens stunned. Recently, a man from Bengaluru hogged the headline after throwing currency notes from a flyover causing traffic chaos. 

Now, another such video has surfaced on the internet leaving netizens in splits. However, instead of triggering traffic chaos, the man showered money on the guests who came to witness the wedding of his nephew.

As seen in the video, currency notes are everywhere in the air while the crowd is busy catching the flying money. When the camera pans to the rooftop of the building, where the crowd is gathered, some people are seen throwing the notes. 

Though the original source of the video shared on social media is unknown, it has now gone viral. As claimed, a former Sarpanch of a village in Gujarat’s Mehsana showered the currency notes on people gathered to witness his nephew’s wedding celebrations. The former Sarpanch, Karim Yadav and his family members showered money on people when the nephew Razak was on a wedding procession in the village.

The video has triggered hilarious comments from netizens. 

While one user said, “Income tax reaching soon,” another said, “America's and Britishers seeing this in inflation.” Meanwhile, another went on to write, “Sab purana note hai , jo note bandi me bach gaya tha.”