Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

School life is one of the most interesting phases of life. This phase teaches us to hone skills, and develop personality, attitude, and other attributes that are required for lifelong. Apart from this aspect, some moments at school are unforgettable for life. Friends, teachers, mischief, fights, etc. are the primes of school life.

Almost everyone must have collected some memories from their school life. While some memories may be sweet, some may be bitter and some may be funny.

Here we bring a video of a school lad that will most likely tickle your funny bones and you will get nostalgic remembering your mischief committed during school days. 

As seen in the video, a boy is dancing on the stage to some song. As it seems, the students were celebrating some event at the school. Several students are also seen enjoying the performance of the boy. Suddenly, another boy walks onto the stage and showers notes on his friend impressed by his performance. 

He immediately walks down the stage without causing further disturbance. However, this irked a male teacher . He chases the boy for his indecency and hit him continuously. The teacher didn’t calm down easily until he shooed the boy away from the place.

Indeed, this will be one such incident that everyone, who witnessed the drama, will probably pick and add to their collection of memories. The video originally was shared on Instagram by alpine_wale and has been reshared by many.