Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The traditional culture followed at schools has dramatically changed these days. Nowadays, students learn everything with fun and enjoyment while teachers have adopted new methods to impart learning.
With the boom in technology and social media usage these days, one can find videos with varying themes streaming on different social media platforms. If you search for videos of teachers dancing or singing, you can find many. 

Recently, a video has taken the internet by storm that shows a young school teacher flaunting her dancing skills in front of her students. The video is more interesting as the students also played a part in making the reel video. 

As seen in the video, the teacher is grooving to the popular dance number ‘Patli Kamariya Mori’. 

While the teacher is performing to the beats and notes of the song, a group of students is seen taking part in the act by joining in with the chorus sounds ‘Hay Hay Hay’.

The video shared on Instagram by alisha_catherine_24 has wowed the netizens and the post has garnered near about 800000 likes. 

One user said, “Students you are so lucky because..... Your teacher was dance super....”

Another user said, “Ek hamara time tha jaha 50 saal ki teacher hoti thi”

“Performance perfect and you enjoyed well,” said a third user.