Poonam Singh

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik's announcement of his third marriage to actress Sana Javed has stirred controversy, particularly due to reports of his separation from Sania Mirza. Allegedly initiated by Sania, the divorce has been making headlines. The couple has faced considerable backlash on social media since the announcement.

Adding fuel to the fire, an old video from 2021 featuring Shoaib and Sana on a Pakistani show has gone viral. The clip shows the couple engaging in flirtatious behaviour despite being married to other partners. 

In the video, Shoaib enthusiastically cheered on Sana during the games on the show, with Sana acknowledging that deep down, Shoaib wished for her victory and was rooting for her. She mentioned, “Who keh rahe hai ki who jeetne ke mood mei hai but who jetana mujhe e chahte hai.”

During a specific game where they had to push a bike to win prizes, Shoaib, displaying gentlemanly behaviour, intervened and offered to push for Sana, considering it might be challenging for the actress. The duo playfully engaged in banter, showcasing a light hearted and affectionate dynamic throughout the game.

Amidst the online criticism, many comments express support for Sania Mirza, condemning the reported infidelity between Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed. '

“Hate both of them and full support for sania from Pakistan,” wrote one user. Another wrote, “Mtlb dono ka extra marital affair tha.” 

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Despite the tumultuous situation, Sania has maintained a dignified silence regarding her divorce. A statement from her family emphasises the need for privacy and underscores Sania's focus on her work.

In the statement, Sania not only confirmed the divorce but also extends good wishes to Shoaib for his future endeavours. Known for her private nature, Sania's family urged fans and well-wishers to refrain from speculation and respect her privacy during this sensitive time.