Cassian Baliarsingh

Who can forget the story of Jyoti Maurya, who allegedly ditched her husband after becoming an SDM just because he was a Class-IV employee? The case of Jyoti Maurya sent shockwaves among men who were toiling day and night to educate their wives. 

Going by the case, some of us might opine that such thing could not have happened if Jyoti Maurya was not educated. This debate over marrying a particular type of woman seems to be a never ending process and has never reached a conclusion.

While a section of people think it is better to marry a loyal and uneducated girl, some believe choosing an educated girl is always a wise choice. This has once again sparked a debate online after a user shared that marrying a highly educated working women is a serious red flag.

Taking to his X, the user identified as Vijay Marathe shared his opinion and wrote, “Marrying highly educated working women will be one of the worst decision you will ever make in your life. Big red flag.” Since being shared on X, his post has garnered 4.9M views with several different types of opinion by netizens online.

While a section of people agreed with Vijay, others trolled him for his opinion. A user shared, “Isliye Gaon Ki Sidhi Sadhi Ladki Se Shaadi Karni Chahiye. Sabka Sanman Karegi. Or maybe the biggest red flag actually is woman itself. Best is not to marry any woman ever.”

Another user wrote, “Marriage is purely a gamble. You never know what might come after.”

“It depends on person to person. My wife is well educated and independent, but we respect each other equally. You should actually look for the character and mental health of a person, men and women, before marrying,” shared another user.

Another user shared, “Won't generalize but yeah kinda true. Highly Educated Women have the highest divorce rates. They are less interested in having a family, more focused on career. Hyper-Feminism ‘don’t need a man attitude’. Women can be educated and traditional both as well. You both should be compatible with each other’s choices.”