Cassian Baliarsingh

After the life-changing tragic accident, India wicket-keeper-batsman Rishabh Pant has made an exceptional return to cricket. The Delhi Capitals (DC) captain has been earning accolades for his terrific performance in the ongoing IPL 2024. 

Rishabh Pant has emerged as one of the finest performers in IPL and seems fully recovered from his injuries due to the accident. Meanwhile, he has also earned a well-deserved call to the Indian team for the T20 World Cup 2024.

The secret to Pant’s magical performance on the field is his strict weight-loss journey. The left-handed batsman lost around 16 kilos in just four months following a strict and disciplined regimen. He not only said goodbye to his favourite good items but has also opted for a tight sleep schedule for his body to recover well.

As per TOI, Pant followed a strict diet plan to lose a lot of weight and went on a strict calorie deficit program for which he had to give up his favourite food items like fried chicken, rasmalai and biryani. 

As per reports, he couldn’t give up on chicken, so it was prepared specifically for him using just 5ml of extra virgin olive oil.

“He adopted a calorie-deficit diet since late December. If his body demands 1400 calories a day, he was given around 1000 calories. It was tough on him since he had to train very hard to gain match fitness and had to strengthen the muscles on his injured right leg,” a source close to Pant said TOI.

Following the diet, Pant has lost 16 kilos in four months.

“All gadgets, including phones, iPads and TVs were shut down by 11 in the night. He had to have eight-nine hours of uninterrupted sleep to get back to rigorous training the next morning,” the TOI report quoted.