Poonam Singh

Fans are loving the current storyline of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna's starrer Anupamaa. The intricate complexities of the relationship between Anu, Anuj, Shruti, and Aadhya keep the fans hooked.

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed Yashdeep's struggle to confess his feelings for Anu, setting the stage for revelations and conflicts.

As the upcoming episode unfolds, Anuj surprises Anu with his acceptance of her supposed relationship with Yashdeep. Mistaking Anu's joy for romantic interest, Anuj encourages her to explore a potential future with Yashdeep, unaware of Anu's professional rapport with her boss.

Anu's shock at Anuj's assumption underscores the complexity of their dynamic, revealing deeper layers of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Shruti's growing insecurity regarding Anu and Anuj's bond reaches a tipping point, leading to manipulative tactics to hasten their marriage plans. Observing Anu and Anuj's camaraderie, Shruti's jealousy intensifies, fuelling her determination to solidify their relationship through marriage.

In another subplot, Diya imparts timeless wisdom to Anupama, questioning the permanence of love amidst societal pressures and shifting dynamics. 

Diya will be shown advising Anupama that love never dies, even if we try to become modern or move on and become friends. She further asks if Anuj will be able to forget her after his marriage to Shruti and whether it wouldn't be another shock for Aadhya if the marriage doesn't work out.

As Anupama navigates her own emotional journey, Anuj presents her with a photo capturing her support for Aadhya, further deepening their connection.

Amidst the turmoil, Anupama finds solace in her diary, viewing it as her guiding companion akin to Arjun's Saarthi in the Mahabharata.

However, Aadhya's discovery of Anuj and Anupama's interaction leads to a shocking betrayal as she vandalises the diary, threatening Anupama's preparations for the cooking competition.

As tensions mount and relationships are tested, the upcoming episode promises a gripping narrative filled with emotional highs and lows.