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A wedding ceremony in Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore took a chaotic turn when the bride, bravely stood against the groom's exorbitant dowry demands and cancelled the wedding.

The bride’s refusal leads to a violent altercation between the two families. According to an ETV Bharat report, the incident took place on April 23 on the wedding day.

As per reports, the daughter of Ajab Singh Suryavanshi, found herself in a daunting situation on the wedding day, when the groom arrived with his Barat in an intoxicated state.

Later the groom and his family during the Tilak ceremony demanded a staggering sum of Rs 5 lakh in cash along with a car instead of Rs 25,000 he was offering.

However, when the bride’s father expressed his inability to fulfil their demand, they began allegedly behaving rudely and started a ruckus.

Despite the pressure and expectations of a traditional wedding, Priya displayed remarkable courage and refused to proceed with the marriage amidst such greed-driven demands.

The refusal ignited tensions between the two sides leading to a physical altercation that left several individuals injured. 

Undeterred by the chaos, Priya took a decisive step by lodging a criminal complaint against the groom and his family at the Kotwali police station.

Sub Inspector Manoj Kumar Malviya, overseeing the case, confirmed the registration of the complaint and assured an impartial investigation into the matter.

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